The digital version of Cavalier Corner has used Adobe Flash Player since 2009 for desktop and laptop users. Mobile devices, however, are shown a format called HTML5, which has become the default way that all software systems prefer to display websites.

Adobe announced in July 2017 that it plans to stop updating and distributing Flash Player by the end of 2020. 

In response to that announcement, Microsoft said it would phase out Flash from its Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. Flash Player is now disabled by default and user’s must enable it on a per site basis.  Edge no longer has an ‘allow Flash always’ option.  We recommend that you use Google Chrome instead, if you are not able to enable Flash.

Chrome made HTML5  the preferred way to display websites back in 2016 This means that all Flash content will be blocked unless users manually enable it on a site-by-site basis.  Right now, our flipbooks open in Chrome with a choice to use Flash, HTML5, or simply download the PDF version. If you would like to try Chrome as your browser, download it here:

Apple’s Safari 10 browser will deactivate Flash by default. Instead it will favor HTML5 content.  Safari will ask if you’d like to enable Adobe’s plug-in. You can opt to do so, either just that once (the default) or anytime that website is visited.

Mozilla said Flash will be disabled by default for most Firefox users in 2019. Right now, Firefox allows you to enable Flash by sites that you select (click here to learn how).

If you have any problems with the digital edition, please send us a note.  We are monitoring the usage and issues as this situation unfolds. For now, we are providing both versions; the Flash version and the non-Flash (HTML5) version are available on the right side of this page.

To learn more about how the Internet is making the transition away from Flash (and why), click here for an informative article from Computer World.