Bicentennial Scholars Fund – Create A Lasting Legacy

UVA’s Matching Program Accelerates This Opportunity


There has never been a better time to create an endowed scholarship for athletics as the University has designated scholarship support as a top priority for the Honor the Future Campaign. In August 2018, the Board of Visitors approved an investment of $100 million in matching funds from the Strategic Investment Fund to support new student scholarships, the second such matching fund designated for the scholarship program known as the Bicentennial Scholars Fund.

This fund presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dramatically accelerate the creation of new endowed scholarships, while providing donors the opportunity to amplify the impact of their philanthropy. Scholarship endowment gifts to Virginia Athletics of $100,000 or more, funded over a period of up to five years, will be matched with 50 cents to the dollar.

Scholarship Support

The Virginia Athletics Foundation is responsible for funding all 316.6 athletics scholarships allowed by the NCAA without University funds or taxpayer money. For that reason, philanthropic support is crucial to the ongoing success of our sports. The University’s ability to offer robust scholarships is vital in attracting the best student-athletes, and it is essential if we are to continue competing for conference and national championships while maintaining elite academic standards. More significantly, athletic scholarships provide life-changing opportunities for student-athletes to pursue excellence in competition, in the classroom, and in service to the broader community.

The following are the Virginia Athletics Foundation’s endowed scholarship levels: $1,000,000 to endow a full out-of-state scholarship; $500,000 to endow a full in-state scholarship or a partial out-of-state scholarship; and $250,000 to endow a partial scholarship. Additionally, at the level of $100,000, a donor can endow a sport-specific scholarship, which helps to fund a portion of scholarships for the designated sport.

Making a Difference

An endowed scholarship is one of the most powerful investments a donor can make. It provides ongoing funding to support a student-athlete’s scholarship and creates a legacy for the donor. This gift is an opportunity to pay lasting tribute to the donor or to honor a loved one, a friend, or a specific Virginia Athletics interest.

Endowment donors can help the University’s student-athletes compete for championships, excel in the classroom, and contribute to society as UVA graduates. Please call the Virginia Athletics Foundation at 434-982-5555 if you are interested in helping to ensure the future of Virginia Athletics by supporting our student-athletes with an endowed scholarship gift.

The Impact of a Scholarship

Rebecca Jarrett, third-year forward and midfielder on the women’s soccer team.

Rebecca Jarrett (Col ’22), Women’s Soccer

Rebecca Jarrett, from Washington Township, New Jersey, is the 2020-2021 recipient of the Margaret Littlepage Bicentennial Scholarship. Pursuing a double major in media studies and American studies with a minor in entrepreneurship, Becca wouldn’t be at UVA without her scholarship. She plans to attend law school after graduating and hopes to become a sports agent.

“Being on scholarship has changed my life. This opportunity has exposed me to a great network of Wahoos who have influenced me to be who I am today. I could not be more thankful for all the donors who have created these endowed scholarships which benefit the entire athletics department.”



RHP Zach Messinger from Chandler, Indiana.

Zach Messinger (Col ’22), Baseball

Hailing from Chandler, Indiana, Zach Messinger is the 2020-2021 recipient of the G. Richard Fletcher Jr. Bicentennial Scholarship. Zach’s experiences as a student-athlete at UVA have inspired him to pursue a career in sports journalism. A second-year student majoring in media studies, Zach discovered the field when he took a course that required him to cover sporting events. His passion for sports — especially the St. Louis Cardinals — combined with a great voice and writing skills, have encouraged him to pursue this exciting career.

“I’m so grateful to be the recipient of the G. Richard Fletcher Jr. Bicentennial Scholarship and am thankful for my relationship with the Fletcher family. They have created this opportunity to benefit the entire baseball program and I am honored that my name is associated with this endowment.”



Charles Snowden, an OLB from Silver Spring, Maryland.

Charles Snowden (Col ’21), Football

Charles Snowden, from Silver Spring, Maryland, is the 2020-2021 recipient of the Hedley M. Bowen Scholarship for Football. His scholarship has enabled him to make a difference off the football field in the Charlottesville community and beyond. Charles hopes to play at the professional level after graduating and dreams of one day working on Capitol Hill.

“Donor support not only benefits scholarship recipients like me, but it is imperative to the UVA football program’s success.”




All photos courtesy UVA